At its 103rd session, the Working Group also reviewed four general allegations,
concerning Bosnia and Herzegovina, Libya, Mexico and Spain.

III. Information concerning enforced or involuntary
disappearances in States reviewed by the Working Group
during the session
Standard procedure

The Working Group transmitted 22 cases to the Government of Algeria.

The first case concerned Mr. Abderrahim Atik, allegedly arrested on 8 January
1996 by the police in front of his house in Kouba.
The second case concerned Mr. Adil Torki, allegedly arrested on 11 September
1994 by the police of Cheraga in the environs of Staouali.
The third case concerned Mr. Benaoumeur Araf, allegedly arrested on 16 October
1994 in Arzew by members of the military security.
The fourth case concerned Mr. Noureddine Aras, allegedly arrested on 13
November 1994 in Oran by members of the military security in plain clothes.
The fifth case concerned Mr. Omar Arif, allegedly arrested on 25 October 1993 by
government forces in Oran.
The sixth case concerned Mr Abdessalem Ayad, allegedly arrested in midNovember 1994 by soldiers in the village of Oued Zitoune in Daïre de Sabra in the Wilaya
of Tlemcen.
The seventh case concerned Mr. Khleil Bayour, allegedly arrested on 2 July 1994 at
his workplace in Blida by military officers.
The eighth case concerned Mr. Miloud Belabbas, allegedly arrested on 26 March
1994 in Oran by members of the military security.
The ninth case concerned Mr. Karim Belabid, allegedly arrested on 22 April 1999
in Tizi Ouzou by members of the military security.
The tenth case concerned Mr. Mohamed Belaidi, allegedly arrested on 17 August
1994 in Tizi Ouzou by soldiers of the barracks of Tadmait.
The eleventh case concerned Mr. Kadda Beldjillali, allegedly arrested on 15
February 1997 by the police at his workplace in Oran municipality.
The twelfth case concerned Mr. Mohamed Beldjillali, allegedly arrested on 16
February 1997 in Oran by the police.
The thirteenth case concerned Mr. Mokhtar Beldjillali, allegedly arrested on 15
August 1997 in Oran by the police.
The fourteenth case concerned Mr. Benyamina Belguendoz, allegedly arrested on
22 November 1995 by members of the military security in plain clothes in Ain Biya
Bethioua in the Wilaya of Oran.
The fifteenth case concerned Mr. Mohamed Belkadi, allegedly arrested on 4 June
1994 in Oran by military officers.


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