A/HRC/WGEID/109/1 III. Other activities 6. During the session, the Working Group met with relatives of victims of enforced disappearances, and also with representatives of non-governmental organizations working on the issue. The Working Group also held formal meetings with representatives of the Governments of Egypt, Japan, Maldives, Pakistan, the Sudan and Ukraine, and a meeting with representatives from the Western European and Others Group of the Human Rights Council. It also met the President of the Council and the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. 7. The Working Group discussed the report on its visit to Turkey (A/HRC/33/51/Add.1), conducted from 14 to 18 March 2016, and discussed future visits. It also approved the two reports following its visit to Sri Lanka (A/HRC/33/51/Add.2) and Peru (A/HRC/33/51/Add.3), and reviewed the progress report on the study on migration and enforced disappearances. IV. Information concerning enforced or involuntary disappearances in States reviewed by the Working Group Albania Information from the Government 8. A source provided information on one outstanding case. Algeria Standard procedure 9. The Working Group transmitted 15 cases to the Government of Algeria, concerning: (a) Sid Ali Bouyahiaoui, allegedly arrested on 3 September 1994 in Audin Square, Algiers; (b) Hocine Chaouche, allegedly arrested in July 1995 in Awalbane, El Kadiria commune, by military officers; (c) Mohamed Idjallidaine, allegedly abducted on 17 February 1995 in Messelmoun by communal police officers; (d) Brahim Ouzeri, allegedly abducted on 24 July 1994 in his residence by officers of the Algerian People’s National Army; (e) Miloud Bougherara, allegedly arrested by policemen on 1 August 1994 at his workplace, pharmacie Chetibou, Oran; (f) Lounes Boukhalfa, allegedly arrested on 12 April 1995 by police officers of Tizi Ouzou; (g) Ahmed Boussoubel, allegedly arrested on 27 December 1993 in El Allia, Bab Ezzouar by military security agents; (h) in Oran; Abdelkader Aroussi, allegedly arrested in 1996 by plain-clothed State agents (i) Abdelhamid Djerrar, allegedly arrested on 28 May 1999 at a road block in Algiers by communal guard officers; 2

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