III. Other activities
At its 107th session, the Working Group met with representatives from the Latin
American and Caribbean Group, and held formal meetings with representatives of the
Governments of Japan and Ukraine.
The Working Group also met with the Committee on Enforced Disappearances to
exchange information on activities and to further cooperation and coordination on enforced
disappearances. It also had a discussion with the president of the Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo
organization and met with two experts of the Interdisciplinary Group of the Inter-American
Commission on Human Rights on the case of the students of Ayotzinapa, Mexico.
The 107th session coincided with the thirtieth session of the Human Rights Council,
during which the Working Group presented to the Council its annual report
(A/HRC/30/38), its reports on its missions to the Western Balkans (A/HRC/30/38/Add.1,
A/HRC/30/38/Add.2 and A/HRC/30/38/Add.3), its follow-up report to the
recommendations made following its visits to Mexico and Timor-Leste
(A/HRC/30/38/Add.4) and its study on enforced disappearances and economic, social and
cultural rights (A/HRC/30/38/Add.5).

IV. Information concerning enforced or involuntary
disappearances in States reviewed by the Working Group
Information from the Government
On 30 April 2015, the Government of Albania provided information on one
outstanding case. The information provided was considered insufficient to lead to a

Standard procedure

The Working Group transmitted 12 cases to the Government of Algeria, concerning:

Mohamed Guellati, allegedly arrested at his workplace at the Centre
Universitaire Larbi Ben M’hidi, Oum El Bouaghi Province, by the security services;
Amar Gouadjlia, allegedly arrested by gendarmes in El Nakhla, Douar Ouled
Abelakel, commune Ain M’lila, Oum El Bouaghi;

Amar Haddad, allegedly arrested by agents of national security in Hama,

Djamel Ghomri, allegedly arrested on 10 December 1994 by police officers
in Casbah, Algiers;
Djamel Bouaïcha, allegedly abducted on 15 July 1995 in Aïn Lahdjar,
commune de Fouka, Tipaza Province, by four plainclothed police officers;
Adda Abdelhadi, allegedly arrested on 9 April 1995 by military and
communal police officers in Mazouna, Relizane Province;
Abderrahmane Allag, allegedly arrested on 25 October 1994 by police
officers in uniform at Meftah, Blida Province;
Yacine Kebche, allegedly arrested on 27 July 1995 by armed members of
security services, at his workplace at the market of Daksi Abdessalem, Constantine


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